The New Orleans native Force Feed Radio is known for blending their love for bass heavy electronic music through the mediums of mixtapes and all night dance parties. The DJ and production duo, consisting of Bryan Normand aka Kid Kamillion and Patrick Bowden aka Money P, are inspired by southern hiphop, techno, punk rock and b-side horror films. They are also notorious for using eccentric “cut and paste” style visuals to illustrate their live DJ sets. Having over a decade of experience DJing, their original music can currently be found on Voodoo Village Records. Armed with a crate full of custom edits, remixes, as well as several mixtapes, Force Feed Radio stays busy keeping crowds dancing to their high-energy party crashing music style at venues from clubs to outdoor music fests for the masses. Acclaimed for introducing public pop culture to sounds much more stimulating than regular radio play, their creative and versatile style of blending incorporated with the strategic use of visuals allow them to present a unique experience that goes beyond just music.